The Best Real Fighter in Hollywood Today

My friends and I’m sure your friends as well have pointless discussions all the time like…
Dude, who do you think would win in a street fight between (insert Hollywood actor here) and (insert another type of celebrity here)?…

Who do you think in Hollywood today can really kick ass in real life?

Daniel Craig?

The Rock?




Well, if you ask me, in my humble opinion, my money would be on Liam Neeson.


You know the guy that stared in the movie about the former CIA agent that goes on a mission to rescue his daughter from a bunch of sex traffickers that wanted to sell her virginity to some fat, rich guy?

“I don’t know man, doesn’t ring a bell, there’s a lot of movies about sex trafficking now a days.”
You know I’m talking about the one when he’s on the phone and the kidnapper taunts him with “Good luck” after they take his daughter…sh*t what was the title?…it was…oh, right, “Taken.”

“WTF?! Why that guy? He’s not even jacked like (insert name of steroid using celebrity) and can’t even do any of the flying, spinning (insert whatever flashy bs Hollywood Kung Fu dance move) that (insert name of some celebrity) did in (insert name of popular action movie)”…

The reason is because Liam Neeson, or at least someone working on the set of the movie had to have studied WW2 combatives because some of the combos ARE STRAIGHT OUT OF THE SDTS! The stuff that has been PROVEN to work from the Shanghai Municipal Police to the trenches of WW2 where this type of fighting was used regularly by raiding parities that would infiltrate enemy foxholes and kill or capture the Nazis and Japs.

So without further ado I will point out and describe exactly what combos he used…

So for the first one, at 00:01, Neeson is holding a handgun in his right hand and is hiding behind a corner. Bad guy with both hands on handgun is about pass, Neeson immediately DROPSTEPS and DRIVES a HEEL OF HAND w/ his left hand, CLEARING THE WEAPON and SMASHING IT INTO THE BAD GUYS FACE.(Module 8) He than follows with an edge of hand w/ his right hand to the collarbone and another to the back of his neck for the knockout. Yes, that was an edge of hand, even though he was holding the gun in his right hand. It’s all the same gross motor, “chopping” movement (If you ever do this, make sure your index finger is against the barrel and NOT on the trigger so the gun doesn’t go off when you use it to strike. I know Detective Lieutenant Ed Kane explains this in Citizen Support Initiative.)

The next one is sure to put a smile on Damian’s face, he does the SAME exact gun defense shown at 1:39 here

and of course in Module 8, only difference the “bad guy” is holding the gun with his right arm instead of the left. Neeson, at 00:05 clears the gun w/ either an edge of hand chop or a heel of hand(it’s hard to tell because it’s so fast, but it doesn’t matter) than follows up with a vertical edge of hand right into the carotid artery side of the neck and finishes him off with a saddle kick to the groin(straight out of Module 1)

For the third one, he’s standing behind the bad guy, delivers an edge of hand to the back of his neck with his right hand(which is also holding a handgun), bad guy drops to his ass, Neeson grabs his hair with his left hand and delivers another chop w/ the right hand to crush the bad guy’s throat. Btw, while Damian does teach sentry removal with chokes in Modules 3 and 12, realistically, if you ever find yourself behind someone, the simplest way (which is the “best” way) to take someone out is with the edge of hand to the back of the neck used in this manner, especially because you have time to wind up, you can lead with power and follow with power like what TFT teaches since in this case, the guy(that broke into your house in the middle of the night) has no idea your sneaking up on him.

In the next one, 00:30 of this vid for a better close up…

Neeson is on the ground and does EXACTLY what Damian Ross shows in 60 Minute Self Defense and Module 3, he avoids getting into a grappling situation or worst, a ground and pound, by keeping his feet up, his lead foot jabs the dude right in the face and than in the groin. He tries to get up, (technically he shouldn’t have since his attacker didn’t really back off and give him enough space, he should have used one foot to hook the bad guy’s ankle and drive the other foot into his shin for the takedown…

see 00:26 of this preview of 60 Minute Self Defense to see EXACTLY what I’m talking about

Anyways, he’s able to recover from this “mistake” though luckily because there was a car behind him that he gets slammed into(If there wasn’t a car to hold him up, he would have gotten taken down and his attacker would be on top of him in a ground and pound mess). He chops down on the arm that grabs him(should have done a punch stop/shoulder stop instead-enter your email here and go to FREE Lethal Lesson 3 to see EXACTLY what I’m taking about) At this point he’s reacting, he uses an “x-block”(don’t worry what this is, found in some WW2 manuals but not in the SDTS since it’s too defensive and reactive) against the first punch BUT he does manage to parry it out to the side which perfectly sets up an edge of hand with his left hand right into the wind pipe. He than uses his right edge of hand as a strike and grabs the back of his attackers neck with a hand yoke grip for a side arm and head takedown(Module 10) or an underhook takedown(Guardian Defensive Tactics)…

(See 3:25 in this clip taken out of Guardian) to slam his attacker’s face right onto the car.

A great use of adapting and improvising with the environment just like in the final “throat chop #1” at 00:20 of the first vid served up on the silver platter.

All of these techniques (edge of hands, ground fighting, weapons defense, SENTRY REMOVAL, etc.) as well as tactics(using objects from your environment, etc. ) AND MORE are exactly what Damian Ross will show you in the Self Defense Training System. Now while hopefully your not going to have to save your daughter anytime soon from some sex traffickers, training in Damian Ross’s revolutionary system whether in all 12 Modules or even just 60 Minute Self Defense, you WILL HAVE the SKILLS of a REAL LIFE CIA agent and YOU WILL be able to SAVE THE DAY when YOUR WORLD comes crashing down whether that’s an angry employee, a mugger, or some drunk at a club.

Now while Hollywood has made Liam Neeson “tone/ water down” his fighting style to be more palatable to a mainstream audience in more recent movies, when push comes to shove in real life, I’m sure he would revert back to the “dirty” moves that WORK and have been PROVEN to work.

As always,
Hit the Weights. Hit with Hate. Seize the Day.
-Young Wang

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  1. Dallas says

    Liam Neeson is the shit, this is what Hollywood needs more of instead of all the Jason Stathams, Jackie Chans, and Steven Seagals lol. Just like all of the flashy fancy stuff you see in all of those Bourne movies, I think most of the choreography is based off of silat and fillipino martial arts. Just like all of the kung fu based moves you see in Jet Li movies the point is it may look good and be more marketable and have more appeal to audiences but it is teaching uninformed people that this stuff will work and save their ass in a real life situation and therefore encourages them to go take up Aikido, jeet kune do, wushu, fillipino kali, etc. and think they will really be able to remember all of the complex motor movements and specific defenses to certain attacks in the adrenaline rush of a real fight or attack. Just glad our man Liam is keeping it real and at least showing us what he is capable of and in some small way through the fight scenes in the Taken movies helping to bring WW2 combatives techniques to the mainstream although I’m sure most people don’t know or even bother to research his fighting style. He may be older and he may not be juiced and jacked up and impressive to look at but I’m certain could take on any of the other Hollywood badasses out there we see in the movies and come out on top. Not to mention he has that same cold hard don’t fuck with me look on his face and in his eyes as William Fairbairn does if you go back and watch the old tapes of him.

  2. Damian Ross says

    HAHAHA. Yep, I wrote about this when the movie came out. You’re absolutely right. I need this cinematography!

    Liam also spent some time as a boxer – so he’s no pu$$y.

  3. says

    Nice article Young! :) I didn’t know this actor, I’ll evaluate his movies with different eyes when soon I will see them!

    At the moment, I find this Hollywood star (but he is from Europe) a bad a$$:

    he reminds me Damian in the first two SDTS Modules!

    @Damian: are you sure JCVD never applied?

    • Killer Physique says

      Let me see if I can follow that clip… at 0:31 I see a heel of hand clearing the gun and pushing it into his face as shown in Mod 8, followed by a knee to the groin. At 0:53, I see a couple quick jabs with the lead foot and he even stands up the same way Damian teaches in Mod 3. Bad guy comes at him with a kick, he reacts, dropsteps, and comes up with a rising elbow smash from Mod 2, and reaches down to seize the testicles in the same manner shown in both Mods 1 and 12. Follows up with a cupped hand blow from Mod 2 to burst his eardrum to off-balance him to set up a Daeshi Barai/Foward Foot Sweep taken straight out of Mod 10 to take the man down. A kick with the point of the boot and a knee drop into the groin(Mod 12), and finally a double ear-box eye gouge right out of Mod 3.

  4. says

    After 35 years of martial arts, including being certified to teach NC law enforcement and being a cop for 26 years, I saw nothing in this system that I take issue with. The more I think about the more I like the idea of keeping it simple and practicing a small set of effective techniques. The only thing I would say is to be sure the throat chop is justified. A friend of mine spent some time in prison using a similar technique.

    • Killer Physique says

      Thanks, David. And be sure to get on the Killer Physique mailing list to receive new and entertaining articles like this one in the future. Of course, and the thing is, in those clips he’s more or less the attacker so he can choose to specifically target the throat. When you’re the one being attacked and you’re scared for your life, your going hit whatever and get whatever you can get since you miss and miss a lot. But the thing is, if the guy is a lot taller than you the edge of hand just seems to fit and finds it’s way naturally into his throat, but if you hit him in the chin or jaw, oh well, that’s life. Once he’s unconscious, it all doesn’t matter and you can safely back out of the situation and of course you wouldn’t keep on attacking him, than that would be murder and excessive force.

  5. Boner_Storm says

    “…Liam Neeson, or at least someone working on the set of the movie had to have studied WW2 combatives …”
    Yes, because everybody knows that actors make up their own moves when the script calls for them to puch someone.
    Films have dudes called FIGHT CHOREOGRAPHERS, who plan out the moves in fight scenes, not to be realistic or to endorse a particular style of fighting, but to entertain the audience

    A quick IMDB search reveals that “Taken” was choreographed by a Frenchman, (A FRENCHMAN?!) named Olivier Schneider, and WW2 combatives are far from his specialty.

    • Killer Physique says

      Your funny. Taken’s technical adviser for all of the fight scenes was Mick Gould who was a former close combat instructor for the British Special Forces (SAS) and his duties included specialized Bodyguard/Personal protection techniques and tactics. He is definitely no stranger to the methods that Fairbairn taught. Here is him teaching the head twist takedown from Mod 10, a variation of the chin jab, a hand yoke take down, some lead jabs from bare knuckle boxing, and I think I saw an downward vertical edge of hand somewhere in there but of course I could just be imagining things :)

        • Killer Physique says

          “Former Special Air Service (SAS) soldier Mick Gould trained Liam Neeson in combatives and weapons handling skills to prepare him for the role.”

          “The martial art style used by Liam Neeson is Nagasu Do. It’s a hybrid martial art style that borrows from Judo, Aikido and Ju Jitsu. ” Wow, Fairbairn also said his system was a dirty “mix” of tactics based on his background in Judo, Aikido, and Ju Jitsu. Hey, what do you know, Carl Cestari made his dirty “mix” too, but instead of calling it Nagasu Do, he called it Tekken Ryu Jujitsu. Oh, wait doesn’t Damian Ross have a black belt in this same system under Cestari? And Damian basically took only the core essentials from this training to make the SDTS.

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